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The Domain ~ Hikaru-sama's Blabberings

"Ahh.. the joys of a new format.... ^_^ I like it better myself, I don't have to mess with all the frame codes or anything like that. It's so wonderful!" Hikaru cries tears of joy. "As you can tell many things have been cut, i.e. the jutebox and the contacts page. But, they actually haven't been cut, they have just been removed from this site, and moved to another ^_^ Try going to the Hikaru Network ( The two sites are now located there.

"Wai! I'm finally in art in school! This means, I actually have a whole period to doodle, and not get in trouble! I'm sooo happy! And now I have all my easy classes, so I'll be able to spend more time on the net, and more time updating, creating, and doing stuff for my many various sites" She sighs, "Why do I have to make my life so complicated by having more that one site?

^_^ "I just came back from an Utena marathon! It was sooo fun!!! I got as far as episode 20, in which is Wakaba's duel. Wakaba's duel has to be my favorite duel out of the Black Rose Saga (altough I really don't like the song). It's so sad, yet I always have enjoyed that episode... I dunno why.....

"If you didn't know, all you con attendees, I'll be dressing up as duelest Wakaba at Otakon 2000! In fact, the whole OtakuGirls' Gumi is going as Utena characters! It's gonna be so fun, cuz we shall create havoc! I even have a black rose signet ring that cost me $30!! $30!! And it still turned my finger green because of the black finish on it. Yare Yare, it stoped making my finger green now, but for the first week I had two permanent green rings around my finger *lol*"

Miki pops up, clicking his stop watch: 2min 34sec "Hikaru-sempai, it's time to stop now, you have more work to do.. you still have to update Utena's Space"

Hikaru frowns, "Aww... Miki-kun, you're always ruining my fun."

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