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Hikaru magically pops in with the real Hikaru. 'Piyo Piyo minna!!', Hikaru #2 smiles. Shidou Hikaru (a.k.a. Hikaru #1) hides, "Hikaru-chan, you're scaring me...." Hikaru #2 blinks, 'Naze?? NAZE NAZE??' Hikaru #1 hides further under her blanket, "Mou, Hikaru-chan...I wasn't expecting a Spanish inquisition!!"

Bump Bum BUM!!!!

The door bursts open. As the remains of the door falls, Tasuki, Aogiri Yuuhi, and Mokona on Yuuhi's shoulder are stading in what was the doorway. Tasuki and Yuuhi are clad in Cardinal outfits, and Mokona is.....Mokona. Tasuki holds out his fan, "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!! Our fears are water and surprise, surprise and water! Our two fear water and surprise... and, wait a minute...." Yuuhi bangs Tasuki in the head, "BAKA! You just told them our fears! That's almost as bad as telling them our full names are Aogiri Yuuhi and.......wait a minute....."

Both Hikaru's face fault.

Tasuki lets out a hardy laugh, "Now who's the baka, ahou?" Yuuhi raises his fist up to Tasuki's face, "Take that back!!!" Mokona hops up and down, "Pu pu!" Yuuhi and Tasuki glare at Mokona, "Shut up Cardinal Mokona." ......Suddendly Yuuhi and Tasuki's faces light up, "CARDINAL MOKONA!!" "Pu?" Yuuhi grabs Mokona, "Cardinal Mokona, You'll have to do the intro!!" "Pu Pu! Pu! Pu!"

A sweatdrop runs down Hikaru #2's forehead, 'That tells you how high their IQ is.' Hikaru #1 hops up and down cheering, "Go Mokona!! Hoooai!!" Hikaru #1 face-faults.

The "Spanish Inquisition" walks back out the door. The two Hikaru's stand with blank faces, watching the remains of the door. Ten minutes later, Yuuhi's head sticks out of the door frame, "HEY! Say, 'I wasn't expecting a Spanish Inquisition' AGAIN!"

Hikaru #2 face faulted. A sweatdrop ran down Hikaru #2's forehead, "Um.....okay....."

Hikaru #1 speaks in a very flat voice, "I wasn't expecting a Spanish Inquisition."

Bump Bum BUM!!!!

Mokona, followed by Tasuki and Yuuhi, jumps through the door, "Pu, pu pu pu pu pu pu pu!! Pupu PU! Pu pu pu. Pu pu pu, pu pu pu!!!"

The two Hikarus just stare at Mokona for a few seconds, then they burst into laughter. Hikaru #2 impersonates Mokona, 'Pu pu! Pu!,' Giggle giggle, snicker, snicker, 'I'm shaking!!'

Yuuhi and Tasuki face-faulted. "WHY?!? Why can't you take us seriously?!?!?" Tasuki shouted. "That's it! Cardinal Yuuhi-" Yuuhi stood up, "Mmmmmmmyeeees?" Tasuki pointed to Hikaru #1, "That heretic, Hikaru, has to suffer the consequences of heresy! She must..............KISS ME!"

Bump Bum BUM!!!!

Suddenly, the wall where the door was, collapses, revealing that the whole place is just a movie set. Tsubasa stands right where the wall was. "You're not gonna touch Hikaru-chan!!!" Both Hikarus blink, '"Who are you talking about, me or her??"' Tsubasa's eyes pop out, "T-Two Hikaru-chans??!?!?!?" The room then grows dark, and Tsubasa faints from the shock of cuteness.

Tasuki grins evilly, "Bring her to me." Yuuhi and Mokona laugh evilly, "Yes sir (Mokona: Pu pu.)" Yuuhi and Mokona walk slowly towards Hikaru #2, continuing to laugh evilly.

Hikaru #1 starts to back away from them, but find that a wall is blocking her from moving back any further. She looks left and right, no escape. Hikaru #2 screams, "HEY! I WANNA KISS TASUKI! LET ME KISS HIM!!" No one responds. Hikaru #1 swallows hard, "Please, go after Hikaru-chan, not me!" Yuuhi and Mokona just laugh, then go in for the pounce......

Hikaru #1 closes her eyes, and holds her breath. Suddenly, Utena with Chu-chu on her shoulder, "STOP!!!" Utena jumps over to where Hikaru #1 is, and knocks out Yuuhi. Chu-chu jumps off Utena's shoulder and starts to wrestle with Mokona ("Chu-chuuuuu!!" "Puuuu puuu!")

Utena brushed the hair out of her eyes, "I have saved you fare princess." Hikaru #2 smiled, "Thank you noble princess. How can I ever repay you??" Utena blinked twice, "Pr-in-ce-ss??" She smiled, "No, princess, I am a prince," Utena looked up to the sun, that now shown right through the destroyed set, "I am a noble prince that saves beautiful princesses such as yourself." Hikaru #2 cleared her throat, every one turned to her, 'Utena-sama, does this mean that you're telling us that you're a lesbian?' A sweatdrop ran down Hikaru #1's forehead, "Ala...."

Utena steamed, "Hikaru-san! You know very well that I'm NOT a lesbian!!" Hikaru #2, 'Okay, okay, you're not.....but...' She smiles evilly at Tasuki, 'I want my punishment!!' She glomps Tasuki (Tasuki: whoa...) 'TASUKI-KUN!!!'

Hikaru #1 smiles, "Hikaru-chan, can we get on with the shrine now???"

Hikaru #2 looks up from snuggling with Tasuki, 'Oh yeah...'

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