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Dragon SlayerCue Hikaru, cutely prancing along the sidewalk in a park. 'Hum de dum dum....'


A cute tiny rabbit appears in front of her.

Hikaru jumps back, 'WTF?!?!?'

The rabbit smiles, "Hikaru-chan. I have come from the magical world of Slayers Land to find you." Hikaru links, ' Whatever...' she continues to hop along. "FIRE ARROW!!"

Hikaru is burnt to a crisp.

HIkaru turns around and growls at the rabbit. 'Okay...that was dirty...' The rabbit smiled evilly, "Are you coming with me? Or shall I burn you again?" Hikaru waved her hand around, 'Hai, hai, hai...let's go...mou...'

The rabbit hops along towards a rabbit hole in the ground. ' `cuse, Mr. Bunny, I can't jump in that little hole...' The rabbit turned, it's eyes glowing red, "WHAT did you call me?" 'Uh...Mr...Bunny?' Hikaru said cowardly, she then made a break for it by jumping in the hole. 'DOH!' She screamed as she fell through the endless hole.


Hikaru landed. 'MOU! I better not have been taken to Miyuki-chan in Wonderland land, or I'll be pissed! I ain't wearing no stupid, skin tight teddy!!!'


Hikaru turned to see Tsubasa (with a Kleenex in his nose, with some red on it). 'TSUBASA!!' **glomp** 'Where are we? I'm so scared, I wanna go home! Why are you here? Did you call the rabbit Mr. Bunny too?'

Tsubasa sweatdroped, "Hikaru-chan. You talk to fast. I don't know where we are, it's okay we'll be alight, I wanna go home too, I don't know why I am here, and no." he then smiled, "But I do enjoy you glomping me for once." Hikaru blinked. 'I what?' She then observed what she was doing, and more importantly, who she was on top of (^^`) 'ACK! ENCHI!!!' She punched Tsubasa into the sky.

A laugh was heard behind her. 'Dare?' Tasuki walked out of the shadows, "Hikaru. Glad you are here too, I would have hated to have journeyed with Mr. Crossdresser." 'TASUKI-KUN!!!!' Glomp. 'TASUKI-KUN! YOU'VE COME TO SAVE ME! I SOOOOO HAPPY! I-'


Hikaru and Tasuki turned to see Amelia standing behind them. "Hikaru-san, Tasuki-san," BOOM! Tsubasa landed right next to Amelia, "Tsubasa-san. I have been sent to bring you to the queen." Tasuki's eyes narrowed, "The queen of what, preytell." "THE queen, Tasuki-san. I can't answer anymore questions, just do what I tell you to."

Hikaru and Tasuki nodded, as Tsubasa tried to stand up again.


Amelia handed the three each a coustume (Hikaru-a rabbit, Tsubasa-a dog, and Tasuki got a whip ^^`). "Now, you must perform improve for her majesty, and perform it well or she will have you killed. Now are there any questions??"

Hikaru raised her hand, 'WHO is the queen?!?!? And why are we doing this right now, I have to make a shrine for Lina-sama.' "You'll find out sooner or later, won't you?" Hikaru sighed, 'Guess you're right....'

The three walked onto a empty stage. Hikaru cleared her throat as a microphone magically appeared within her hands. 'Um...well....I guess we can sing a song....1....2...3..4..'

Cue Progress.....

Mune no naka afureru omoi
Uketometai sotto tsutaetai shoujiki na watashi wo
Kawari-hajimeta sutansu ni
Gikochi naku senaka wo osarete...
Ugokidasu process of my love

Nan to naku sugoshite kita sawagashii mainichi datta
Tomodachi & warai-goe

Ki ga tsuku to itsu mo aitsu no tonari ni iru jibun no kokoro
Mienai furi wo shite 'ta uso wo tsuite

Mune no naka afureru omoi
Uketomeru yuuki mou sukoshi areba ii no ni
Kou iu mondai tte nigate da shi
Keiken fuzoku de sunao ja nai mitsuketai
process of my love

Muishiki ni majiwau shisen
Awatete sorashite shimattari...
Chansu wo mono ni dekinai

Suddenly the music dies and everyone turns to the mp3 player, which is up in smoke. Tasuki, Tsubasa and Hikaru ulp. Bright red eyes appear in the darkness. "This is not amusing. GET BACK TO THE SONG!!!!"

Hikaru falls on her knees, 'Oh mighty queen we appologize, please for-...hey...waitaminute....say somthing again....'


Hikaru's eyes lit up, 'I know that voice!!!' She stampedes over to where the voice was comming from, 'MEGU-CHAN!!!!!!!!'

The queen, now revealed to be Lina, stepped back away from Hikaru, "Calm down Hikaru, please don't-"


Tsubasa looked over at Tasuki, "Okay, it's a little annoying when she glomps a guy, but it's just wrong when she glomps another girl." Tasuki smirked, "I dunno, I kinda like that sorta thing..."

Tsubasa sweatdroped.