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The Domain ~ One of a kind Links
Tsubasa magically appears in a poof of smoke. He is wearing a red sparkley dress, with matching heels and microphone. He smiles a big smile and yells "Konyanachi wa minna-san!!" He winks, "Ain't I just too cute??"


Kero-chan appears out from behind Tsubasa, showing those big strong fangs of his, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TAKING MY LINE??!?!?!?!?!?"

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?!?!?" Tsubasa's face turned the same color as his dress, "I just was paying homage to you!! I can report this as abuse ya know!!"

Kero-chan stuck out his tounge, "Ya right! And Sailor Moon is better than Card Captor Sakura!"

Tsubasa gives something to Kero-chan that we can't say.....(it has something to do with birds and hands....... but perhaps I've said too much ^_^)

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" Kero-chan lauches himself at Tsubasa's thoat.

Suddenly, Tasuki, Hikaru #1, and Nuriko, appear in the backstage door way. Hikaru #1 clears her thoat. Tsubasa and Kero-chan look over to the group, with blank expressions on their faces. Tasuki clears his throat, "Not to inturupt, but where's Hikaru-chan??"

Kero-chan blinked as he looked at Tsubasa, "Why is he asking you where Hikaru-sama went?"

Tasuki took his fan out and edged it torwards Tsubasa's neck, "Because he did something to her... That's why he's announcing the site, no da." (Hikaru #2 blinks, "Ano... Tasuki.. you're not Chichiri..." Tasuki growls, "Shut up! It's for effect!!")

Tsubasa smiled evily, "I don't know where she is....."

Tasuki's eyes narrowed, "Are you sure???" Tsubasa nodded quickly.

"Oh okay!" Hikaru #1 smiled brightly, "We're just trying to find her, that's all..."

Tsubasa nervously figited, "Nope! Haven't seen her!!"

"Okay!" Hikaru #1 and her followers bounced out of the room.

"What was that about??" Tsubasa said as her watched the group leave. Kero-chan stared at Tsubasa, then shook his head and left. Tsubasa looked around the now empty room and smiled. Well that one worked, he giggles. He walks over to a nearby closet, and we see Hikaru #2 tied up and gagged. Tsubasa grins, "You're gonna make me a shrine now, aren't you Hikaru-chan?"

Hikaru's muffled words, are.... to say the least... strong.

"Awww.. come on now." Tsubasa brushed his hand through her hair, "There's no need to get nasty. Besides, the red thread of love *links* us together."

Hikaru managaes to make a gaging sound. She the trips Tsubasa over and spits out her gag, "Thanks but no thanks Tsubasa. I already have Tasuki-sama. But you brought up a good idea, I should post some links, don't you agree?"

Tsubasa sees the swirlies (@_@), but says nothing.

Anipike - You mean you don't know what this is?!?!?!? Go there imeditly! Heruph! Heruph! ... Hikaru points to her Van UFO catcher doll, "Hey, I didn't get a heruph out of him.."   Tsubasa appears in a all blacksuit, wearing black shades, "Give Hikaru-chan HERUPH!" He pokes the doll with his handy night stick. A slight 'heruphhhhhhh' comes out of the doll. Hikaru smiles.

Zoe-chan's homepage - My best friend, Zoe, 's own webpage featuring her artwork. Go there!! It's spectactular!

OtakuGirls` Anime Shrine - "Zoe and I's page that we constucted together from the very bowls of the EARTH!" Tsubasa blinks, "Isn't it bowels, not bowls?" A mallet appeared in the air to make contact with Tsubasa's head. "Who asked you, Tsubasa?"

Belldandy.Net - "The coolest page! What the freaky thing is though, me and Bell are like the same! Kowai!!" Stars appear in Tsubasa's eyes, "Well, maybe if Hikaru won't take me, maybe Bell will!" Hikaru stares at Tsubasa with a sweatdrop on her head, "She's already taken Tsubasa.. sorry!" Tsubasa frowns, "Aww... not fair..."

A Sack of Potatoes - You can't have a webpage with Hikaru (or any CLAMP character for that matter) without at least one CLAMP website. This is, absoultley, the most promissing American CLAMP site at the present time. It still has a few bugs, but soon it will be a great webpage.

BSAHB (Blood Soaked and Honor Bound) - One of the funniest Utena pages on the net, it must be visited by any and every Utena fan. If you think this page is insane, be prepaired to be shocked and amazed by and even more crazy site ^_^

Tasuki's Tavern - A great source for Tasuki pics. In fact... I think I got some of my pics from them ^^;;;;; Tsubasa steams, "And WHEN did you go Tasuki pic hunting, eh? Isn't this manly hunk of man enough??" Hikaru blinks, "You're dressed as a girl Tsubasa... what more is there to say?" Tsubasa growls.

CrUsH - If you want more info on Ayashi no Ceres (Suzumi's series) then go here as soon as possible!! Suzumi smiles, "Yes come learn about me... You know you want to..."   Hikaru sweatdrops.

Ceres's Ayashi No Ceres - Another geat spot for ANC info!!

The Cos-Player's ML - Self-explainitory. This is the most popular Cos-Playing ML that I have ever seen in me life!! ^__^ Join, if your a cos-player; if your not, then join so you may become one!

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