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Tasuki recives an odd letter, posted from the futrure, and in a country he's never heard of before.

Dear Tasuki-kun!

It's Hikaru-chan! You are officaially invited to my winter pool party! Why have a pool party in the winter, beasuse! It makes no sense, that's why ^_^ Come to my house as soon as you get this letter!

- Hikaru-chan

The only thing that he knew was that there was something happening at Hikaru's house. What was a "party"? Or even, better yet, what was a "pool"?

Tasuki walks through Hikaru's closet, "Yo, Hikaru." Hikaru blinked twice, 'Tasuki-kun?? What are you doing here????' Tasuki holds up the invatation, "What do ya mean, what am I doing here? You invited me, so says in this letter." Hikaru grabbed the letter, 'I never wrote a letter like this! Tasuki-kun, I DON'T EVEN HAVE A POOL!!!' Tasuki blinked, "What is a pool, anyway?" Hikaru sighed, 'Promise not to freak out??' "Yeah."

Hikaru whispered into Tasuki's ear, 'It's a mini-ocean.'

"WHAAAAAT?!?!?! W-W-WATER?!? That's what a pool is? WATER?!??"


'You promised not to freak out!!' Tasuki rubbed his head, "Ite." Suddenly the door to Hikaru's room swung open, Tsubasa appeared. "HIKARU-CHAN!"

Tasuki slid down the door, "Ite.........."

Tsubasa opened the door a bit back up, to see Tasuki, he smiled evilly, "Ah, gomen Tasuki!" Hikaru glared at Tsubasa, 'TSU-BA-SA! DIE!' Hikaru punched Tsubasa out of the atmosphere.

'Daijobu Tasuki-kun??' Tasuki blinked several times. When his vision cleared, he found himself in Hikaru's bed, with her laying next to him. "EH?!?!?" He jumped out of the bed, "Hi-Hikaru, Wh-hat are you doing?!?!?" Hikaru smiled, 'Arei mahen....' Tasuki face-faulted.

'So Tasuki, you ready to watch Maho Shojo: Pretty Sammy?!?' Scene cut to Tasuki tied to a chair in front of the TV in Hikaru's room. Tasuki screamed and waved all his movable body parts around, "NO! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME WATCH THAT STUPID GIRLY SHOW! THAT THING IS POSSESED!!!!" Hikaru's eyes narrowed, 'Nadu, hontooooo....' Hikaru held up the picture of girl-Tasuki. 'Still don't want to watch it??' Tasuki flinched, "Okay...I'll watch it....."

Suddenly Nuriko bursted through the closet, "Tasuki I have come to save you!!" Tears came rolling out of Tasuki's eyes, "Nuriko! Arigato!!" Nuriko started to untie Tasuki. "You wouldn't belive it, she sat me in front of that possesed box." "You mean the TV?" Tasuki remained silent. Nuriko motioned torwards the closet, "Come on Tasuki!" Hikaru pointed at the two, 'JUST A MINUTE!!' Hikaru rustled with something behind her back, 'Take a gander at this Nuriko!!' Hikaru pulled out a picture of Hotohori's wife (the one that looks exactly like Nuriko no da). Nuriko's eyes buldged out, as he ran to Hikaru. Nuriko took the picture and ripped it into tiny little bits, "THAT BITCH! THAT BITCH!! I HATE HER!!" Hikaru smiled, 'You're not leaving me Tasuki-kun!'


Tasuki blushed, "Well I could stay for a bit longer...."

After three hours of Kodomo no Omcha and His and Her Circumstances Tasuki breaks the TV in half, "NO MORE SHOJO STORIES! THEY'RE SAPPY!!!" Tsubasa glares at Tasuki and pops a piece of popcorn in his mouth. "Shut your yap, Fang-boy..." Tasuki growled, "FANG-BOY?!?!?"

Tasuki picked Tsubasa up, carrying him over his head, and threw him out the back window shouting, "Into the pool...." Hikaru stepped up behind Tasuki and whispered, 'I told you, I don't have a pool....'

Tasuki and Hikaru look out of the window to see Tsubasa splattered on the side walk, "I...'"


Tasuki threw Hikaru's P-chan on Tsubasa's head.