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The Domain ~ The Shrines
Hikaru wiped the sweat from her brow with her offical Card Captor Sakura hanky and sighed. "I'm finally done...." She stood up as five different colored lights shown down on her, "The long wait for these beautiful shrines is now OVER!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA-"


Tsubasa pops in weilding Hikaru's mallet, "Shut up, you're scaring them Hikaru-chan."

Hikaru gives Tsubasa a dirty look, "Look, hentai, if they had made it this far on the site, then nothing can scare them!"

Tsubasa ponders for a moment, "...........This is true...."

"ANYway...." Hikaru turns back to the viewers, "These shrines took sooo much work, but I think they are now better than they ever were. AT least 3x better, no 5x definatley 5....well maybe 6-"


"STOP IT TSUBASA!!!!" Hikaru blinks when she realizes that Tsubasa is in front of her, not in the back. She slowly turns her head to see that it was Tasuki who hit her on the head. "TASUKI-KUN?!?!?"


Taskui flushed, "Al-la.....Hikaru, um, er," Tasuki blushed. Tsubasa steamed.

"HEY HEY HEY! Get away from her!!!" Tsubasa yelled as he walked over to the two, slamming his feet as he walked.

Tasuki took out his fan, "You wanna fight, hentai?!?"

Tsubasa screamed, "I AM NOT A HENTAI!!!!!" He charged for Tasuki, as Tasuki did of Tsubasa. And just as the two were about to colide, something stoped them. There was a screen up, makng it so they couldn't hit eachother. Both guys looked at Hikaru and growled.

Hikaru smiled as she backed away, "I didn't do anything!!"

"WHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOO!" Everyone turned to see Naga laughing her head off. "So you wretched pesants," as Naga walked torwards the three her...uh...body ...jiggled. "You were fool enough to forget the great Naga the serpant when you were creating shrines!!"

Hikaru whispered to Tasuki, "Ya know, Naga means serpant.... meaning Naga's name is either Naga no Naga or Serpant the serpant."

Tasuki's face turned solom, "Like I care!!" He turned to Naga, "Look! We already have a shrine for Lina-sensei, therefore, we don't need a shrine to the Serpant too!"

"Nadu Honto, flame-boy?" Naga's eyes narrowed.

Tasuki's face filled with anger, "FLAME-BOY?!? WHO YOU CALLIN` A FLAME BOY, BIMBO?!?" Tasuki pulled out his fan and swung it high in the air, "Rekka Shinen!" Naga was burnt to a crisp.

Naga screamed as she ran torwards Tasuki, "Ice ARROW!!"

Hikaru and Tsubasa scooted away from the the fight with big sweatdrops on their foreheads. Tsubasa looked over at Hikaru, "I know this isn't the best time Hikaru-chan, but-"

"'But what Tsubasa??"

"Where's my shrine??"

Hikaru sighed as a sweatdrop ran down her head.



**comming soon!**