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A car appears far in the distance. It's speeding greatly, going at least 100 MPH. As the car becomes closer and closer, it's revealed that Oba-Q is driving (That explains a lot) and Hikaru is sitting in the back seat, hanging on for dear life.

"BEEP!! BEEP!!" The car screeches as it crashes through Hikaru's computer room (which is on the second floor). Hikaru cautiously gets out of the car, and waves, 'Arigato Oba-Q!' Oba-Q does a thumbs-up, "No prob Hikaru-chan, if you never need a ride-" Hikaru smiles, 'I promise to call you.' (A shot of Hikaru's back shows that she crossed her fingers as she promised) The car miraculously flies perfectly back onto the road, and speeds away. In the distance, beeps and car crashes are heard. Hikaru waves bye as a sweatdrop runs down her forehead.

'Piyo Piyo minna! And I officially welcome you to my Aogiri Suzumi site! Unlike the other shrines, this one is from a bran-spankin` new manga! Suzumi-sama,' Hikaru holds up her Suzumi UFO catcher doll, 'is from Ayashi no Crese, if ya didn't know, which is Yuu Watase's newest work.' Hikaru smiles, 'I just love Suzumi!!'

Suddenly Yuuhi bursts through the door, "I don't get a shrine?!?!?" Hikaru falls over from the shock. "I can't believe that I, the all powerful Aogiri Yuuhi, does not get my own shrine!!" Hikaru pulls out AniPike's Ayashi no Crese links, 'LOOK! Most of the sites for ANC are just for you! I'm sick of it! Suzumi-sama deserves a shrine!!' Hikaru cuddles her UFO catcher, doll. 'Besides, Suzumi-sama doesn't have to kiss Crese every time she appears!' A sweatdrop runs down Yuuhi's forehead, "Arei....." His face turns crimson, "But...I like that job...."

Hikaru turned around and shuffled in her box-o-things. When she turned back around, she was holding a Aya UFO catcher doll, 'Look Yuuhi, Lookie at what I got!' Hikaru smiled evilly. "EH?!?" Yuuhi's eyes widened. "Give me that! I'll pay anything for it!!" Hikaru hopped over to the hole in the wall, teasing Yuuhi with the Aya doll. Finally Yuuhi jumped for it, just as Hikaru let go of the doll, dropping the doll, and Yuuhi. Hikaru watched as Yuuhi slammed face first into the pavement and smiled, 'Now that's done with....' Hikaru turned to her computer chair, and found Suzumi sitting in it and typing up the shrine. Hikaru face-faulted.

'Suzumi-sama!!' Hikaru wined, 'I'm gonna make this! Not you! You can't make a shrine for yourself!!' Suzumi paused and looked at Hikaru with large round eyes, and big lips. Hikaru's eyes popped out, 'Y-you're not Suzumi-sama!' Hikaru slammed the impersonator with her trusty mallet, 'OBA-Q! HOW DARE YOU!' Oba-Q's disguise came off, "Mercy, Hikaru-chan! Mercy!!" Hikaru folded her arms, 'Ayamaru na sai!!' Oba-Q turned away, "Why should I???" The Aya UFO catcher came flying back into the destroyed computer room, and hit Oba-Q hard on the head. "Because," A voice said in the distance, "You'll pay if you don't!" Hikaru looked us to see Suzumi. 'Suzumi-sama!!!!'


'Suzumi-sama! I'm so happy to see you!!!!' A sweatdrop appeared on the back of Suzumi's head, "Right, right, whatever Hikaru-san, just let me breathe again!" Hikaru smiled and released her grip on Suzumi. 'How'd you get here, Suzumi-sama??' Suzumi held up her pointer finger and looked into the sun and said, "This is the internet my dear friend, there's nothing we can't do!!!!!" Hikaru smiled evilly and turned to Suzumi just as Suzumi turned to Hikaru and smiled evilly. The two laughed. 'Do you know what this means Suzumi-sama??' "I sure do, Hikaru-san."

Yuuhi pushed himself of the ground and brushed off his clothing. Stupid Hikaru, she always does this to me. Yuuhi turned towards the east and began to walk, dear Aya, I'll be with you soon.....

Suddenly Yuuhi is stopped by two figures in holocaust cloak. "Aogiri Yuuhi....." 'You have been chosen by the Gods to receive a gift.' Yuuhi stepped back form the two figures, "HUH? What are you guys on?!?" The two figures took of their cloaks to reveal two very skimpy dressed Ayas. The drool poured out of Yuuhi's mouth, "S-sugoi....."

Yuuhi jumped for the two Ayas, but just as he was about to make contact, once again, he fell to the ground. One of the Ayas brought out a long croquet mallet and started to beat Yuuhi as the other Aya kicked him in the back. The three continued to fight until a cloud of dust arose out of the fight.

Scene cut to Suzumi and Hikaru sipping tea. 'Ah.....' Hikaru put down her cup, 'Pure heaven. Arigato Suzumi-sama, this tea is wonderful.' Suzumi put her cup softly on the table, "You're welcome Hikaru-san. I'm just glad we have silence at last."

Yuuhi is in the back of the room tied up and gagged. He continues to make muffled sounds, but they don't sound appropriate, so they won't be translated.

Hikaru looks back and smiles, 'We didn't do that Yuuhi, it was Aya. When we cam here we just found you all tied up! I don't know how many times we need to repeat ourselves.' Yuuhi growled. Boy, Aya will pay when she gets home

As if on cue Aya waltzes through the door, "Tataima!"

Scene cut to outside the Aogiri home, everything is peaceful. Suddenly a flock of birds flies out of a near by tree.

Aya is on the floor twitching, "Stupid, Yuuhi." Yuuhi stands tall over Aya laughing insanely. Hikaru and Suzumi back away from Yuuhi. Suzumi whispers to Hikaru, "I think you should show the pictures now...." Hikaru nodded in agreement, 'You're right.'

'Also!' Hikaru holds up Suzumi's fan, 'I'm having a contest!! If you can translate this for me, you will be we rewarded. With what, I don't know, but you will be rewarded.' Suzumi pops up from behind Hikaru, "Hi-ka-ru-sa-n..." Hikaru gulps. "GIVE ME BACK MY FAN!!!!!"

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